creative director
ba. land Information technology

Visual design focuses on the aesthetics of design and its related materials by defining images, colors, fonts, and other visual elements.  A successful visual design enhances a users experience by delivering a unified experience that answers the “why” question.  Mike is an experienced senior designer with over 20 years of industry experience in creative design. He has gained his experience by founding his own interactive agency, Artichoke Design, which has proven to be a successful business. He has launched thousands of live sites, countless publications, brands and mobile applications for innovative businesses, large and small. This and the ever-growing knowledge within his startup industry has focused his passion for creating new ways people interact with technology. He believes this knowledge can affect people’s personal and business lives positively making them closer and more connected than ever before. This is truly revolutionary and exciting.

20 years experience


digital consultant
masters of information technology
harvard university

Akash was working as a software engineer designing the next generation data mining technology. He wanted to enhance his career by studying multi-level service oriented architecture and was building up a career in software architecture when he met a professor from school of business at UNSW who advised – YOU have bigger abilities in business development. Upon his suggestion, Akash started to explore and enjoyed helping small to medium businesses to enhance their business with strategic web and mobile application technologies. He has worked with more than 500 businesses in last 3 years. Most of these businesses are busy and growing. The journey continues..

12 years experience


senior user experience strategist
ba. information technology

Fay is a technically minded and exquisite Experience Designer with crazy attention to detail.  She is passionate about creating beautiful, delightful experiences for customers. Fay has many strengths, only some are directed towards Human Centred Design research and thinking. Her process can only be seen to be believed.  Sit back and wonder at her delights.

10 years experience


senior mobile digital experience designer
ba. information technology

JJ is a super talented Digital Experience Designer with field experience in mobile.  He has a special interest in payment – banking and hotel services. Not only is this a key to his budding career, but he also helps transform the business to adapt to the agile environment through an experimental design approach with customer centricity.  Off the field, he can hit a shuttlecock out of the ballpark.  On the tools, he has special expertise in critical design thinking delivering results by using a clean lean fighting Agile machine.  Oh and he is a wizz at Experimentation.

20 years experience


digital copywriter
ba. american studies

Matt produces text (and if required, strategic direction, campaign ideas and visual components) for print collateral (ie. mailpacks, fliers and brochures), websites, blogs, magazines & newspaper editorial, press releases, print ads, posters, TV & radio ad scripts, and much more. Working across all media, he is able to handle everything from B2B communications to consumer publications, from Direct mail packs to online marketing campaigns – and will provide dynamic, attention-grabbing headlines, taglines, intro copy, long copy, editorial, advertorial, blogs and even social media campaigns.

20 years experience

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