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During the last twenty years, we’ve developed an approach that results in professional, stand-out brand designs that build trust, transparency and truth.


Brands need to give us authenticity, a proven design approach that aspires to timelessness and longevity. Being focused on digital tech brands, we make sure the identity works well in the online environment and is visually consistent across all mediums. Our design process is collaborative inclusive of all stakeholders.

It’s challenging to swap the old for the new, especially when users are familiar with a logo and visual identity. Our experience shows us that to adopt a new identity, a deep dive into the client’s past creates a narrative for the future brand.  A brand identity is ingrained into their products, services, and users’ mindsets. It’s important for the design process to be holistic in approach, future thinking with a nod to the past.

The design process starts simple and, once baseline visuals are agreed upon by all parties, evolves to tackle complex tasks. We believe that this allows the stakeholders to be involved in the decision process early on, only taking a step back once we’ve established a visual design guideline. This makes it easier for the stakeholders to make several simple decisions throughout the process, rather than a single difficult one at the end.

Feedback from the brand’s base is an important part of ensuring that the brand direction is following the visual design direction. Change is a large factor in a rebrand, and therefore engaging the base and taking them on the journey is an important part of giving confidence in the design direction for both the business and customers.

Sub-brands and products form the brand architecture.  We use Atomic components to accelerate the generation of sub-brands.  This is the foundation of the visual design language and typically carried out through the brand identity from icons to photography.

Brand strategy

  • Persona analysis
  • Competitive review

Brand identity

  • Visual positioning
  • Visual design system
  • Icon & illustration guides
  • Photography
  • Brand application
  • Brand style guide
  • Brand voice & tone
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