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User Interface Design

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Our Capabilities

From competitive analysis to interactive prototypes, our agency implements engaging and simple-to-use user interfaces. Our user-friendly product design helps companies achieve quantifiable business goals through output that captivates the customer and sets them apart from the competition.

UI design

  • Visual interface & interactions
  • High-fidelity clickable prototypes
  • UI Kit based on atomic design principles


Our UI Design Principals.

Requirements gathering: user personas, key use cases, current pain points, business goals, industry best practices.

UI/UX audit
Equity analysis, areas of opportunity, takeaway synthesis, WCAG 2.0 accessibility check, competitive analysis.

Information architecture, UX map, low-fidelity wireframes, draft clickable prototype.

Visual concept and style application
Visual direction, mood-boards, UI concept of the key screens. Applying a visual concept approved on the previous stage to the rest of the screens. High-fidelity clickable prototype.

Motion and iconography
Motion studies of the interface behavior, iconography and illustrations.

Assets and guides
A consistent library of UI elements (UI Kit based on atomic design system principles), recommendations for development team, iconography, illustrative guidelines and other brand identity element when neededs, products, and experiences that connect the hearts of brands to the hearts of their consumers.

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