Blue Spinach

Brand evolution

“Artichoke was evolutionary in the brand direction, taking an established brand and evolving it effortlessly into the new chapter of Blue Spinach, creating a more sophisticated brand would allow the brand to evolve into a true designer brand”

Jane and Mark Thompson



Category:Digital Branding


Brands are ideas that keep growing. We create the building blocks: the strategy, symbol, logotype, typography, color scheme, iconography, illustration style, visuals, animations, motion design, photography style, sound design, messaging, and tone of voice. But ultimately the brand creates itself – in the minds and hearts of the audience.

Save loyal users – Gain the trust of new users: The presence of standard rules and principles within the visual language accelerates the creation of marketing assets and creates uniformity throughout the visual layer of the brand. Consistency evokes trust.

Reduce costs and save time when launching new products: The process of creating new products, maintaining uniformity, and managing a brand is becoming more accessible, faster, and cheaper with a transparent visual hierarchy system.


Make the change

Inform customers about changes in the company: The brand system generates an external harmony that evokes a feeling of balance throughout all of the company’s products and services on offer. Often, updating a visual identity is a way to make internal invisible changes, externally visible to the people that use the company’s products.

Increase team motivation: Attractive visual identity positively affects a team’s motivation levels as well as their state of mind because it conveys the values and principles of the company.




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