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” Artichoke was instrumental in delivering a User Experience that encompassed the Marketing vision of the launch of first Home Delivery of the Red Rooster Home Delivery Experience – 30 million first year to be precise

Todd Trevillion – Citadel Group



Desktop | Tablet |  Mobile

Red Rooster entered the food home delivery market by offering their own successful home delivery application, making sales of over 30 million in the first year of operation. Artichoke Design was responsible for all UX user experience and UI visual design for the mobile through to desktop experience. The key was to visually focus on the product and make the process of purchasing as clean as possible. The team that delivered the app was extensive, from IA experts, POS system experts, back-end and front-end developers, and in-house IT coordinated by weekly sprints and showcases.


User Experience

We conducted a series of stakeholder workshops to brainstorm all key features of the project and develop a product backlog of the functional and non-functional requirements. User interviews were held with key demographics that allowed us to determine the main services we needed to focus on. From the information architecture, key screens were wireframed and tested, till we had a final set of wireframes that were delivered to start the UI Design phase.





Note: The UX and UI are representations of actual work done for Red Rooster by Artichoke Design.  They do not reflect the current brand position or User Experience.

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